Heel to Face: Holidays Edition

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Hey, gang!

Share the following with your favorite heels and faces as you gaze sadly at the Rollins wrestling action figure you will buy for your nephew Stephen but end up keeping for yourself…

The next few weeks are going to be simply bananas. I’ll be taking a look at ol’ Vincey’s problematic race issues, and I went to PWG over the weekend (!) and got a load of the indie circuit so I figured we should get nice and cozy for the holidays while there’s still time.

Whether you’re lighting your Paul Heyman hunchbacked menorah or hanging little Dolphs atop the tree, I wish you the merriest, brightest et cetera this holiday season. The only thing on my wish list, of course, is a body pillow of Big Show that I can lose my virginity to.

Hours of Pro Wrestling Consumed: 1,000,000,000 hours

Days Until WrestleMania: 117 days and one stinky Airbnb 

State of Union: still mistaking Kevin Owens for Santa Claus

Behold, your WWE advent calendar, coded to the gills!

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