In a Nightmare Scenario, Steve Harvey Crowned the Wrong Miss Universe Winner

TV Video
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Let me set the scene for you: Last night, Miss Universe pageant on Fox. It’s down to two contestants, Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines. They walk to the center of the stage, and host Steve Harvey is ready to make the big call. The winner is…Miss Colombia! The music plays, the crown and sash go on, and the crowd goes wild!

Only one small problem: Harvey was wrong. Miss Colombia, who is now waving to the crowd and basking in their adulation, having accomplished what we have to assume is a lifelong goal, isn’t actually the winner. And Steve Harvey, who presumably forgot to open the card all the way and only read the name of the first runner up, has to make it right.

What follows is the most agonizing, awkward, excruciating, I-dont-even-know-what moment in television this year. Maybe even this decade. It has to be seen to be believed, so watch the full five-minute clip above.