Video Premiere: Ninet - "Child"

Music Video Ninet
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“Child” is a single off of Ninet’s forthcoming American debut, which will be out sometime in 2016. She’s had several albums out in Israel but nothing stateside.

Also in 2016, Ninet will be showcasing at SXSW for the first time and touring as a featured guest vocalist on Steven Wilson’s upcoming North American tour, as well as her own NY date at Rockwood Music Hall on Sunday, March 6th in NYC.

Ninet met Nim (the video’s director) after a show she had in New York City. He had that spark in his eyes, and she knew right away that their video was going to be powerful. Nim came up with this brilliant idea where we, as human beings, always trying to overcome our hold on love and on the need to be loved. In the video, it’s actually the opposite- we don’t want to loose our grip; the reason is up to your interpretation.

In her song “Child,” Ninet is confessing about the struggles of letting go, but how can one let go? To start, they must be willing to do so.

The music video explores the obsession of a person, as he is trying with all his strength to stay attached to a perception, an emotion, a lover. The character in the music video does not grasp the way his inability to let go is hurting him. His pride blinds him and his fear of change is greater than the pain inflicted on him by his choices. He continues to chase a pipe dream of a thing that he will never achieve and quite possibly never had.

Tour Dates upcoming with Steven Wilson featuring Ninet and performing at SXSW in 2016.

March 1st – Toronto – Massey Hall
March 2nd – Montreal – St. Denis Theatre
March 3rd – Albany, NY – The Egg
March 4th – Boston – Orpheum
March 5th – NY – Beacon Theatre
March 7th – Chicago – Vic Theatre

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