Video Premiere: Seryn - "Paths"

Music Video Seryn
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Folk-pop band Seryn recently dropped their sophomore album, Shadow Shows, released independently by the now label-free quartet.

Now, the Nashville-based band has recorded a live performance of the album's stand-out track "Paths," premiering above.

"In order to find our own way in the world, we often times have to passionately reject anyone else's input," said guitarist and vocalist Nathan James Allen of the track. "To not follow another's journey, but to forge out our own. We have to seek not just the prize, but even the methods of achieving it."

The session was recorded in Portland in collaboration with CD Baby.

"We had a refreshing morning off in Portland to meet up with the team from CD Baby and get to perform some music," recounted Allen. "We went for a raw and live vibe, eschewing our normal instrumentation in favor of something fresh and kinetic. Something about making a lot of noise before 10am is always refreshing. We had a blast and the studio space was inspiring. We wish we could have stayed and made more music!"

Check out Seryn's performance of "Paths," streaming exclusively above.