The It's Always Sunny Season 11 Trailer is an '80s Ski Movie Parody

TV Video
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It’s tempting to call the latest trailer for the 11th season of FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia a “parody,” but man, that’s an awful lot of ski footage for something that’s not going to make it into the actual show, right? Granted, it hits all the beats of an ‘80s ski movie, from the evil corporate takeover (led by Frank, of course) to the jerky rich kid (Dennis) to the awful music to the cheesy expressions (“let’s shred!”). It doesn’t make sense, on the surface, as an actual plot of an actual episode. But if that’s the case, isn’t this a lot of effort for a quick joke in a trailer?

My point is, I’m holding out hope for a season-long ski movie arc, because that would be awesome. And maybe after ten seasons, they’re looking to shake things up a little? Either way, I am absolutely looking forward to Jan. 6 and the season 11 premiere.