The 10 Best Rick and Morty Guest Stars

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The 10 Best <i>Rick and Morty</i> Guest Stars

Each episode of Rick and Morty is a treasure unto itself. Drawing upon co-creator Dan Harmon’s penchant for cultural references, coupled with co-creator Justin Roiland’s skill for characters, the cartoon has fun in all kinds of ways. Its sci-fi angle and smart humor make it the kind of cartoon you only wished you’d experienced on Saturday mornings as a kid.

As if it’s not enough that the show’s central characters comprise a well-rounded (if dysfunctional) family backbone that allows each episode to go off into worlds unknown, there are some fabulous guest stars to boot. The show has had all manner of comedian take part in its off-the-wall fun, including David Letterman, David Cross, Dana Carvey, Nathan Fielder and Gary Cole. There have been some legendary appearances over the course of the show’s first two seasons. Here are the ten best guest stars to appear on Rick and Morty.

10. Werner Herzog as “Shrimply Pibbles”

Herzog voices the famed alien civil rights leader Shrimply Pibbles in “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate,” which plays off the success of the first season’s cable-hopping episode. After arriving in a space hospital with a serious bacterial infection, Jerry recovers only to learn that doctors want to transplant his penis to save the alien equivalent of Mahatma Gandhi. Herzog’s part airs on the short side, and yet hearing the famed German director’s realist bordering on nihilist voice play an alien in need of a penis transplant remains a memorable bit. With such classic lines as, “I’ve dwelt among the humans. Their entire culture is built around their penises,” Herzog’s appearance is one for the storybooks.

9. Rich Fulcher as “King Flippy Nips”

In “Something Ricked This Way Comes,” Jerry wants to help Morty with his model of the solar system, only to discover from his son that Pluto is no longer a planet. Voicing disbelief bordering on anger earns Jerry and Morty a one-way ticket to Pluto, where Jerry becomes something of a legend for defending the “planet.” Maybe there’s something about Fulcher’s voice that conveys immediate hilarity, or maybe it’s the fact that as King Flippy Nips—King of Pluto—he wears the most outrageous smile, but Fulcher serves as the perfect madcap alien king, especially with his famous line, “Pluto’s a fucking planet, bitch!”

8. Alfred Molina as “Devil”

The other half of the storyline in “Something Ricked This Way Comes” pits Rick against one of his more crafty foes. When Summer gets a part-time job working for the Devil, Rick immediately takes a disliking to the man. That may have more to do with the fact that his shop gives away things for free, but only because they’re cursed. “A price for everything,” the Devil tells customers. Voiced by Molina, who gives the devil a bit of crackling ne’er do well charm, this was one of the more clever foes Rick faced off against, least of which because his least favorite grandchild got caught in the middle of their rivalry.

7. Keegan-Michael Key as “Fourth Dimensional Being”

When his grandkids mess with time and split it into multiple trajectories in “A Rickle in Time,” Rick gets a visit from a time cop tasked with keeping things in order. The Fourth Dimensional Being, who just so happens to look like a giant testicle, also has little patience for dealing with backtalk. Known for playing characters with big reactions, Key’s exasperated screeches and tell-it-like-it-is attitude create the ideal omniscient time traveling alien who just wants to set things right. It only adds to the episode when later the Fourth Dimensional Being meets up with his partner, voiced by Jordan Peele.

6. Matt Walsh as “Sleepy Gary”

“Total Rickall” takes on a new kind of antagonist: an alien species that infiltrates the family’s home by creating false memories and therefore false characters to perpetuate those memories. Enter: Sleepy Gary. In this new scenario with ever-expanding characters and plot points, he’s Beth’s husband while Jerry takes a backseat as the family friend. Sleepy Gary is the kind of sweet, considerate and mild-mannered man to attract both both Beth and Jerry. Walsh’s soothing voice lends Sleepy Gary the pathos necessary to pull off this hilarious romantic storyline.

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