Video Premiere: Katy Gunn - "Hate (It's A Bad Education)"

Music Video
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Katy Gunn is a performance artist, songwriter, violinist, and producer. Her music video for the single “Hate (It’s A Bad Education)” off of her new Whispering Voices EP features interdisciplinary artist Autumn Kioti, with whom Gunn collaborated for a choreographed exhibition of her songs.

The art-tastic track was made entirely with Gunn’s vocal samples.

“I created this video around the idea that each one of us struggles in daily life with conflicting emotions,” said Gunn. “There are two people in the video, but it’s really a glimpse into the consciousness of one individual – the many personalities we all have inside us – fucking with us, solidifying our identities, then challenging them. It’s rough for those of us who think for ourselves and try to be open and not become cursed with tunnel vision where other human beings are concerned.”

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Hate (It’s A Bad Education)” above.

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