Song Premiere: Relick - "I Wouldn't Lie To You"

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Relick has all the sounds of old relics—light distortion on vintage guitars coming out of amps and speakers beloved (and battered) for generations. Singer Amber Nicholson and recording engineer Matt Hibbard bonded over that old-school music and aesthetics, which is how the Denton, Texas-based group got its stylized name.

The band’s forthcoming six-track Twin House EP, due out on March 4, blends elements of 1960s pop tunes and 1990s alt-rock. In particular, Lead single “I Wouldn’t Lie To You” focuses on the middle garage-rock ground of the two eras. As Nicholson describes, “This track starts and ends with a nostalgic beat that pulses with a jarring, lighthearted rhythm.” She continues, “Lyrically, the song reminisces about the naivety of a young relationship and learning to trust your gut.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “I Wouldn’t Lie To You” above.