Jimmy Fallon Joined Billy Joel on Stage for Four Songs, Because Why Not?

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Fun fact for those of us not residing in New York City: Billy Joel does a Madison Square Garden show every month. This month, just because he could, Jimmy Fallon joined him. For four songs.

Vulture pointed out that Fallon’s enthusiasm levels seemed scientifically impossible until this performance. That’s probably true. He sings “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, “Sherry”, “Unchained Melody” and The Rolling Stones hit, “Start Me Up”, where it’s safe to say he may have even out-Jaggered Mick Jagger’s relentless energy. Fallon is like a 7-year old who ate way too many pixie sticks and then guzzled an entire Mountain Dew when his mom wasn’t looking.

Watch below to see Fallon and Joel perform… I need a nap now, because just watching Jimmy hop around like a maniac is exhausting.

This follows Joel being on The Tonight Show earlier this week.

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