Ask an Astronaut Anything with The Martian's "Life In Space" Video Series

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If you haven't seen Ridley Scott's The Martian, you're missing out on some surprisingly hopeful space-melodrama care of the ever-charming, ever-rugged, ever-Neil-Armstrong-dissing Matt Damon. What initially might seem to be some jingoistic cosmic opera about the U.S.'s rightful place in the universe quickly proves to be something so much more optimistic and heartwarming about the human race in general.

Oh, and it uses a David Bowie song perfectly.

So, to mark the January 12 Blu-ray and DVD release of The Martian, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has created the "Life in Space" video series, a sort of AMA for astronauts. Because if there's one thing The Martian celebrates most of all, it's how awesome science is. So why not give some scientists a chance to talk science?

Paste is proud to exclusively premiere the first video in that series. Titled "Bathroom," it is everything you should expect and hope for from such a title. And if you've seen The Martian, then you know how important the bathroom is to Matt Damon's survival.