Mojoe is a Travel Mug and Coffee Maker All in One

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Travel mugs are fairly easy to come by, but how about one that also happens to be a portable coffee maker? That’s the thinking behind Mojoe, a travel mug that will also brew your coffee and tea on the go, no matter where you are.

Working via a wall adapter, car adapter or rechargeable battery, you can easily brew your hot drink through the mug and then drink directly from it. Mojoe offers a series of warnings to give you a heads up if the liquid is too hot to drink, while also ensuring that your drink remains at the right temperature for hours.

Saving you time, while also giving you freedom and flexibility, Mojoe looks like an ideal companion for keen coffee drinkers. That’s enhanced by its use of Mojoe To-Go Coffee Sticks, filled with custom blended fresh roasted Organic Free Trade coffee grounds that ensure quality coffee while you’re on the move.

The gadget is currently available via a Kickstarter campaign. Having already easily passed its goal, you can still pledge $79 to get a Mojoe Starter Kit. The kit offers one Mojoe, one reusable filter, along with a wall and car adaptor. Boosting that pledge by $59 grabs you a rechargeable battery set on top. The campaign runs until January 30.

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