Video Premiere: My Gold Mask- "Dissipate"

Music Video My Gold Mask
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Chicago’s My Gold Mask are throwing it back to the days of Nickelodeon’s Slime Time Live with the video for their single “Dissipate” off of their forthcoming record Anxious Utopia, out March 4 via Moon Sounds Records.

“While musically ‘Dissipate’ is a dance inspired electronic rock track, lyrically it’s about as close to political as we’ve ever been,” said vocalist/guitarist Jack Armondo of the song. “It’s not so much about any specific event, but about slowly becoming numb to the daily barrage of negativity dished out through media, etc. Closing off one’s heart and senses as a defensive measure to the over stimulation. We feel the video and imagery directed by Craig Bass and everyone at Motion Source, perfectly represents the themes of the song.”

Though the lyrics may be about closing off the heart, there’s definitely no lack of emotion in the defiant track or its accompanying video. Riotously colorful visuals juxtapose nicely with dramatically dark concepts and in-your-face lyrics. Is it just me needing therapy, or does this song make you want to dance your way right into an epic street brawl?

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Dissipate” above, and for those of you heading to South by Southwest – MGM was just added as an Official Showcasing Artist, so you best be on the lookout for them!

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