Video Premiere: Reina del Cid - "Death Cap"

Music Video
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Reina del Cid is debuting her music video for the track “Death Cap” off of her 2015 self-released album, The Cooling. The video, filmed on location in Iceland, features del Cid wandering amongst breathtaking imagery of landscapes and ocean.

“Iceland is undeniably gorgeous with its lush greens, icy glaciers, and misty mountain vistas,” said de Cid of her video’s location. “But it’s a complicated, strange sort of beauty. Humans are relatively new inhabitants there, and the country still has an untouched, wild feel to it. Covered in alien looking rocks and granite wastelands, it feels somehow prehistoric and out of time. ‘Death Cap’ is a song about the final days before the end of one’s life, and it gets at that feeling of wanting to stay put, to not leave, while time is quickly running out. For me, Iceland—with all of its strange, detached beauty—is the perfect place for that drama to unfold. What are you clinging to in those last moments of life? The beautiful, strange world that has existed long before you and will continue to exist long after you are gone.”

The video was directed by Jason Ho.

“This song is about when your time is up, but you’re not ready to go,” said Ho.  “But what if dying is exactly what you need to do, to let go of who you were, so you can become who you were meant to be? I see this song as the preamble to a re-birth. It’s facing the fear and pain of what it means to change from the core of who you are. You have to go on a long and difficult solo-journey.  You don’t exactly know where you are going, but you know that you need to take the first step to get somewhere better. To embody that journey, we travelled around the lonely and solitary, yet beautiful and varied landscapes of Iceland.  We start in Reykjavik, Icelands largest city.  From the video, we don’t know what city this is, but the idea is that it’s an urban area. Buildings, roads, cars—we are all familiar with those surroundings. But our character has to go beyond her comfort zone—head out into the unknown wilderness. She goes from being ‘safe’ in the city to being vulnerable and small out in a huge and empty landscape. It’s a journey of transformation.”

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Death Cap” above.

Warning: You’re going to immediately want to start looking at cheap flights to Iceland as soon as it’s over.