Video Premiere: SMILE - "Holiday"

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Melbourne, Australia’s SMILE are debuting their video for the track “Holiday” off of their upcoming record Rhythm Method, set to drop the first week of March.

“We were quite worried about it actually while we were shooting as our leading actor Stephen, who came incredibly cheap mind you, was also incredibly stiff,” said vocalist/guitarist Pete Baxter of filming the video. “He froze up every time we started rolling. We wasted so many rolls of film. 35mil is fucking expensive as well. Thats why we burnt him to death. Funny thing is, his lackluster approach to acting was amazing in the burning. He didn’t flinch an inch. Actors are fucking crazy. Hopefully people think it’s a statement on the rigid depression of western society or some shit; truth is though, Steve was just a fucking shithouse actor. Our guitarist, Max Turner, and our good friend, Rhys Mitchell, directed the clip and chose Steve – that fucking waste of space. They did a good job though. I just hate actors like Steve who think they can rely only their astounding looks. He was beautiful. Beautiful and boring.”

Can’t really blame poor Steve though. I mean, God doesn’t give with both hands, right?

“Anyway,” added Baxter. “Thanks for watching and sharing. Our new record Rhythm Method comes out in early March on Smooch Records. It’s not as good as Somethin’ Else by Cannonball Adderley, but we like it.”


Watch the exclusive premiere of “Holiday” above.

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