Video Premiere: Tarmac Adam - "Today's The Day"

Music Video Tarmac Adam
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Aussie pop-rock quartet Tarmac Adam are rolling out their video for their single “Today’s The Day” off of their recent album, In Place, released in October 2015.

“I became very aware of the temporary nature of things,” said lead singer/songwriter Matt O’Donnell of the song. “What’s going on now won’t necessarily last. The challenge is to find something interesting and worthwhile even when times are difficult or frustrating or seemingly pointless. Stop wishing to be somewhere else… someone else. Embrace opportunity. So “today’s the day” became a bit of self-talk to shift my negative focus at times. It doesn’t always work, but it’s been a useful part of my life toolkit.”

Singer/songwriter Steve Paix directed the music video.

“We didn’t feel the song was preachy or overly earnest, but we wanted to play with those sentiments in our story,” added Paix. “Our main character finds his morning interrupted by two evangelists eager to spread the word that ‘Today’s The Day.’ They proceed to sermonize in song, much to his bemusement. Are the doorstep missionaries real, or are they a representation of the man’s thoughts? We see a new-found clarity appearing in his eyes. A purpose. Could this be his conversion moment?”

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Today’s The Day” above.

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