Video Premiere: The Brothers Comatose - "Brothers"

Music Video
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The Brothers Comatose are dropping their first official video, “Brothers”, from their upcoming release City Painted Gold, out March 4 on Swamp Jam Records. 

“Like most brothers, Alex and I fought a lot when we were kids,” said Ben Morrison of the origin of the band. “Screaming, shouting, wrestling, punching…you name it. That sort of thing is inevitable when siblings share a room together growing up. It wasn’t until high school, when we picked up instruments and started smoking weed, that we started getting along. Funny how that works out, eh? Eventually, we decided to write some songs and called some friends up to grab their instruments and join in. Next thing you know, we were a ‘real’ band. Though the punching and wrestling has subsided, we still bicker like brothers often do. He definitely knows how to push my buttons…and does so regularly. But we get along much better these days.”

“Brothers” is a narrative – and hopefully an exaggerated one – of these fraternal brawls.

“For this video, we got to reenact those early days and do some fighting in the boxing ring,” continued Ben. “While it looks like we have black eyes from being knocked around, no brothers were harmed in the making of this video. We’re still buds.”

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Brothers” above.