Video Premiere: Toadies - "In the Belly of a Whale"

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The Toadies are debuting their darkly whimsical video, directed by Justin Wilson, for “In the Belly of a Whale” off of their 2015 album, Heretics.

“The song is based around a riff we wrote last summer on tour,” said vocalist/guitarist Vaden Todd Lewis. “We flushed out the chorus, arrangement and words in the studio with Rob [Schnapf, producer] in LA. It came together really organically. The video shoot was a lot of fun. Justin had a moving stage built, complete with slime and oozing whale ulcers. Pretty gross really.”

“One of the most satisfying things as a musician is seeing a song come to life,” added guitarist Clark Vogeler. “From two chords casually strummed at a soundcheck somewhere, to a fully realized song that is recorded and released into the world. Sometimes along the way, a visual component is created. This is where we find ourselves with ‘In the Belly of a Whale,’ a song whose instrumentation seemed to open new sonic territory for the band, who had never before incorporated anything like electric piano or Mellotron on a recording. Driven by the sea-shanty vibe of the lyrics and music, director and friend Justin Wilson created a bizarre world inside the belly of a whale. It’s at this bittersweet point where ‘Belly’ goes from being a new and interesting riff to play, to being another song from our past. We’ve done all there is to do with it. What a fun trip!”

Watch the exclusive premiere of “The Belly of a Whale” above.

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