Video Premiere: Mia Dyson - "Tearing Up The Lawn"

Music Video Mia Dyson
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Australia’s Mia Dyson is releasing the video for her single “Tearing Up The Lawn” off of her upcoming Right There, out February 12.

The video follows three teenage girls spending an aimless afternoon together (remember those days?), wandering around, laughing, drinking, and enjoying the freedom of youth. It will take you right back to the time before adult responsibility, when the world was just an infinite playground.

“The song is written from the perspective of the early teen years when kids are testing boundaries,” said Dyson. “In my case pretty mild delinquency. Sneaking out and running around the neighborhood, some light destruction of public property. It’s more specifically about the experience of girls hanging out together and trying to be brave. It also touches on the feeling of growing up in a pretty white bread neighborhood and fearing that there’s no escaping the apparent dullness and hegemony of that. The director, Matthew Post, suggested we try filming at The Sunken City, which is an area of San Pedro, California that started to sink and had to be abandoned. It’s now a concrete wasteland set against the incredible bright beauty of the pacific ocean. Our actresses were first timers in front of the camera and did an incredible job carrying the feeling of the song.”

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Tearing Up The Lawn” above.

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