Violent Femmes Released a New Song, "Memory"

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Violent Femmes are back, everyone.

Gordon Gano, Brian Viglione and Brian Ritchie make up the band famous for the hit song “Blister In The Sun. That song came out in 1983, but remains one of those songs that everyone knows and sings along to, whether they actually know the words or just clap along after that infectious melody.

They haven’t released a new album since 2000, but today they premiered a song called “Memory” via NPR Music.

It’s familiar without being nostalgic, which is refreshing considering so much relies on nostalgia these days. The song was actually recorded years ago.

”.... It was forgotten about until digging into [our] archives, which led us to record it anew and release it,” Gano told NPR Music.

“Memory” is on the forthcoming album, We Can Do Anything. It will be out March 4.

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