Dylan LeBlanc: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Dylan LeBlanc
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Dylan LeBlanc is often touted as the “new Neil Young,” and for good reason. The singer-songwriter stopped by the Paste Studio recently, and you can see for yourself why he’s earned that title.

The 25-year-old just released his third album, Cautionary Tale, on January 15. An Alabama-native, LeBlanc went back to his roots to work on his third LP. It was released by John Paul White and Ben Tanner’s label, Single Lock Records.

LeBlanc is currently on tour, where he is playing solo now, and later on joining Anderson East and Alabama Shakes.

For a throwback, check out our first interview with LeBlanc, way back in 2010.

Watch LeBlanc perform title track “Cautionary Tale” above, as well as “Look How Far We’ve Come” and “Man Like Me” below.