Song Premiere: Flower - "Waste of Life"

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After signing to Other People Records as the vocalist for exwhy, and sharing bills with buzzy up-and-comers like Pujol and Knox Hamilton, singer-guitarist Jack Fowler is now showcasing his more vulnerable side with Flower’s new debut LP Waste of Life.

The album’s title track—premiering exclusively today at Paste—is a hard-hitting grunge anthem, full of hazy vocals, phased-out guitars and thunderous drums. The song simultaneously channels the gloomy psych-pop of WavvesAfraid of Heights and grunge legends like Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr., while maintaining a strong, gauzy undercurrent of post-punk. Physical and visceral, it evokes the struggle of post-recession life as a Millennial.

The new record (out Feb. 5) both romanticizes anxiety and champions hope—it’s an anthem to artistry and a middle finger to the pressures of social decorum and the futility of modern professional pursuits.

"This record is about me rebelling against [being a mirror of society] and calling it out,” Fowler says. “Taking shots at the materialistic, and the expressions of American exceptionalism that make it a shithole. I just realized I didn't want to be a part of that anymore. So I fucking quit."

Those last three words are probably the best way to sum up Flower's Waste of Life. It's an admission that you're giving up, but not completely. It signals a change in direction. It hails new beginnings, even when those new beginnings involve an end to something more socially acceptable.

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