Video Premiere: Griffin House - "Yesterday Lies"

Music Video Griffin House
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Griffin House is releasing a music video for “Yesterday Lies,” the first single off of his upcoming album, So On and So Forth, out March 4.

“This song took about three years to write,” House says of the track. “It occurred to me one day that maybe I was remembering the past differently than it actually was. It’s easy to look back with rose-colored glasses on life and the ‘good ole days.’ The past can often play back in my mind like a movie, and movies always feel like a more desirable place to live than in the present reality. In the song, I’m trying to tell my ego and ‘Yesterday’ that I know they are lonely for my attention, but I’m focusing on the work I have to do in the here and now, and I believe the best days are in front of me, not far down the line, but right here in the moment.”

It’s a truly beautiful sentiment for a beautiful song.

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Yesterday Lies” here.

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