Watch a New Dark Souls III Trailer

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I think I'm getting too old for Dark Souls. I'm definitely playing Dark Souls III when it's out in April, but it's been almost seven years since I first let From Software brutalize me with Demon's Souls, and as a body ages it just can't tolerate the same level of abuse it once could. I've enjoyed all the Souls games, along with Bloodborne, but should I really devote any of my ever-dwindling time left on this planet to repeatedly dying through the same short stretches of videogame action in hopes of actually breaking through to the next bonfire? Probably not. But then I regularly do a lot of things I probably shouldn't do. Awareness doesn't always influence action, especially when something as uniquely rewarding as a Souls game is involved. Anyway: watch the trailer above and decide for yourself if you'll be ready when the game comes out on April 12.