Song Premiere: Pauline Andres "Drive Like Steve McQueen"

Music Audio Steve McQueen
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The listener is taken along on this multi-cultural joyride, as it elicits images of driving alongside an old train track, flicking a lit cigarette out of a 1969 Mustang with Andres’ sultry vocals as the main soundtrack. A restless bass line, retro organ and rebellious spirit surround the first single, “Drive Like Steve McQueen.” Written after a huge fight with an ex-love, the song embodies the anti-hero attitude of actor Steve McQueen in the height of the 1960s counterculture. Andres says, “It’s almost like dreaming of being a superhero, or in this case a superstar, and fixing things easily, with class, driving the most gorgeous car in town.” “Drive Like Steve McQueen” doesn’t look at a world through rose-colored lenses, but is an honest confession of wanting to be somebody stronger.

“Drive Like Steve McQueen” is off Pauline Andres upcoming album, The Heart Breaks, due out April 15.

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