Video Premiere: Sons of an Illustrious Father - "Post-Future"

Music Video Sons of an Illustrious Father
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Brooklyn three-piece Sons of an Illustrious Father are releasing their new music video for the track “Post-Future” off of their upcoming LP Revol. The video, featuring an anonymous graffiti artist, is about the coolest interpretation of a lyric video I’ve ever seen.

“This song is about alienation and trying to stay connected today,” said the band, made up of Josh Aubin (vocals, bass, keyboards, percussion), Lilah Larson (vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, bass) and Ezra Miller (vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards). “When we were asked to do a lyric video, we wanted to create something that would address both the thematic content of the song and how this medium of transmission itself—the newly prevalent lyric video—is an ephemeral thing, made quickly and forgotten quickly. We wanted to create something more permanent. To put those words and ideas back out in the world in a physical way. We enlisted the help of some dear, very generous friends, including an incredible street artist, and the result was this piece, which really, due largely to our brilliant collaborators, transcended what we initially conceived.”

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Post-Future” here.