Video Premiere: The Lonely Biscuits - "Pacifica"

Music Video
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The Lonely Biscuits take the high road on “Pacifica.” While the alt-rock song could be interpreted as a direct plea to a crush or lover, it’s actually about a guy who dated singer Grady Wenrich’s little sister. “He did her wrong,” the band writes to us, “and instead of using violence, we took the high road and wrote a song about it.”

And as for the video, the Nashville-based band continues that they had always wanted to make a short film about two two rival bicycle gangs fighting over the same girl. “We never got around to it,” they say, “then we realized we could alter the story a little bit, and it would work perfectly with the theme of ‘Pacifica.’ Our videographer/best friend Dylan Adams came down to Nashville to direct and shoot it. We spent a couple days riding around town with our friends, and this is what we ended up with!”

The Lonely Biscuits met at Belmont University in 2011, and have since released a smattering of EPs. “Pacifica” comes off last year’s Come Around EP, and the band’s debut full-length album is due out later in 2016. Check out the exclusive premiere of “Pacifica” here.