Paste Video Premiere: Fairy Bones, "Notes From Wonderland"

Music Video
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The four-piece art/glam/rock monster known as Fairy Bones hails from Phoenix, and now they're making their move to the national spotlight with a new album (due in 2017) and a brand new video that captures the imagination, playfulness, boundless energy and raw rock and roll power that makes them so huge in their hometown.

"Notes From Wonderland" finds Fairy Bones jumping down the rabbit hole and finding that all in Wonderland isn't quite like one remembers. From the genders of the characters to the story itself, it all gets twisted in a hypnotic and colorful, spellbinding clip that does an excellent job of putting the band's notorious visual flair on the screen. The band is composed of singer/songwriters Chelsey Louise (vocals) and Robert Ciuca (guitar), with brothers Matthew Foos (drums) and Ben Foos (bass) handling rhythm duties a la Hunt and Tony Sales.

The word "banshee" gets thrown around in regards to lead singer Chelsey Louise's incomparable pipes (we're talking mythology here, not Siouxsie Sioux), and it's a well earned if overused sobriquet; few rock voices today can compare, of any gender. Their 2015 album Dramabot was produced by Bob Hoag, who did similar stellar work for The Format and the Ataris among many others, and did much to capture the technicolor intensity and manic energy of the band's live shows (get it here); after a brief hiatus, the band suits up later in the fall to commence work on the followup. Meanwhile, "Notes From Wonderland" and Dramabot make for an excellent introduction to a band well worth hearing. 

The video is directed by Phoenix artist Brandon McGill alongside Chelsey Louise herself; she routinely co-directs the band's videos with the same artistic saturation and flair she brings to her performances. It's early yet, but 2017 is looking like it might be Fairy Bones' breakout year.