Mooji - "Double Agent"

Music Video
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“Double Agent” the new record from Mooji, formerly known as Kramnik in his homeland of Spain, hits earbuds today with a spectacular debut titled “Double Agent.” On the album is 8 glorious tracks of pure bliss, that will peek your curiosity from start to finish. Mooji is a master at putting together the striking elements of instrumentation, production and vocals within the record; creating a record that proves to be out of the ordinary (but in a good way).    There are songs on the album such as “So Good” and “Psilo Symphony,” which bring out the softer side of Mooji’s creation, and then there are in your face pieces such as lead singles “Don’t” and “Medley.”    Mooji knows how to make a record, as “Double Agent” is far from boring. Quickly he is proving his relevance in the music world, and a mainstay in my ears.

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