Take Five: Après-Game at Boston's Fenway Park

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Take Five: Après-Game at Boston's Fenway Park

In Boston, the first day of spring doesn’t align with the vernal equinox, aka March 21; rather, it erupts in early April on Opening Day. That’s when Fenway Park, the oldest Major League ballpark still in use and home to the Red Sox and the team’s famously loyal—and vocal—fans, renews its yearly glory.

Few experiences compare with the wondrous atmosphere inside. But, be prepared: game night is a battleground of the inebriated, excited, and excitable that extends from the seats to the surrounding streets.

If you want to take on the challenge but need a game plan in case you can’t handle Red Sox Nation, check out these spots, which are close enough for a quick escape, but far enough to take you away from the madness, whether for a few hours or an entire night.

Linda Clarke is a freelance travel writer whose work has been published in the Boston Globe, New York Daily News, and several other print and online publications.