Song Premiere: Winterpills - "New England Deluge"

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Winterpills are sharing their brand new single, “New England Deluge.” The track, reminiscent of Bright Eyes minus the crippling despair and cracking Conor vocals, comes from their forthcoming full-length, Love Songs out March 18 via Signature Sounds.

“Musically, this is a bit of a different feel for us,” said songwriter/vocalist Philip Price. “More straight ahead and breezy at first, but then we work up to a huge sad ending that sounds more like what we’re known for. The character in the song is trying to make her love him, in his broken, beyond-hope, New England self-loathing, self-negating, no-tall-poppies way. He will fail. She will not buy it. But, can they meet where the waters will eventually consume then both? There should be a local bar called The Floodplain. Therein lies my future.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “New England Deluge” above.

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