Kris Allen: Live At The Paste Studio

Music Video Kris Allen
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Kris Allen is best known by many as the winner of the eighth season of the recently concluded TV reality competition American Idol. Although he’s had an interest in music since he was very young, he didn’t decide to pursue the craft professionally until he was of college age. American Idol was going to be his last chance of becoming a professional musician, as he planned to finish his degree after getting eliminated from the show. Thankfully, much to Allen’s surprise, that day never came, and he won the competition. He recently came into our studio to record a session and blew our socks off with his pop/alt rock stylings.

In addition to his music, Kris Allen is also known for his philanthropy. He has been an avid proponent of music education, as well as supporting organizations such as TOMS Shoes, United Nations, World Vision, etc. His charitable lifestyle and virtuous personality prove that he is more than just a great musician.

With the release of his recent album, Letting You In, Allen confirms his place as a great and talented musician. The first single “Waves,” a power ballad that feels pure in tone, embodies that philosophy wholeheartedly. In addition, songs like “Faster Shoes” are well composed and feel fresh. The whole album comes together beautifully. Check out Allen’s session right here.

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