Local Natives Share Single 'Past Lives'

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Last night Local Natives played a surprise show during which they unveiled “Past Lives,” their first new song in three years—the band released their excellent second album, Hummingbird, in 2013. Their new single is a synthy exploration of life’s patterns viewed through the lens of a relationship. Here’s how lead singer Taylor Rice explains the song:

The world is not static, it’s made new over and over again. But we tend to live the same patterns in a loop, loving the same way, wrestling the same demons, the same dynamics playing out around us again and again. Untangling every moment and decision that led us to where we are now can make fate feel concrete, inescapable. But our world is not fixed, it’s constantly reemerging, and we can change it into whatever we want.

Listen to “Past Lives” below and read our 2014 feature on Local Natives here.

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