New Preacher Teaser Accentuates the Series' Spooky Side

TV Video
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It’s getting harder and harder to suppress our excitement over Seth Rogen’s upcoming Preacher adaptation, and AMC isn’t making it any easier on us.

The network has released a brand new, 20-second teaser trailer for the series that follows one badass and divinely driven man’s journey to locate the whereabouts of a now-missing God. Unlike previous Preacher trailers, this one offers us a glimpse of the series’ supernatural undertones. It’s a nice reminder that the world of Preacher isn’t just a modern-day take on demon-fighting cowboys.

The quick clip starts out ominous and intensifies from there: “Something got loose,” Jesse Custer tells us as two church doors slowly creak open. It becomes increasingly unclear, as we’re offered shot after shot of the series’ characters, what “something” Custer is referring to, but we’re not quite sure it matters. We just want to put whatever it is back where it came from.

Preacher is slated to premiere Sunday, May 22. Watch the teaser above.