New Video by Ryan Shupe Makes Us "Just Say Yes"

Music Video
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Of all positive, upbeat songs out there, this new musical gem by Utah-based singer-songwriter, Ryan Shupe, definitely takes the cake. In this case, make that a wedding cake!  

In his new music video, "Just Say Yes," Ryan Shupe features three real-life couples, each with footage of their own unique wedding proposal.  Says Shupe about the song:  "Sometimes you just want to hit the road and leave everything behind and that's the vibe I wanted to capture with the song, "Just Say Yes." I love the imagery of hitting the road, driving all night and wind blowing through your hair.  I think the production has a nice building effect, with the piano and mandolin, that creates a feeling of anticipation and urgency for the call to action… Just Say Yes!"

When creating the video, Shupe scoured YouTube for the just the right footage of wedding proposals to include. He says, "I was looking for some great reactions and excellent video footage. I also wanted the guy to get down on one knee; I thought that was an important aspect of the proposals." 

"Just Say Yes" is an anthem for love that has an infectious energy and an extremely catchy melody that Ryan Shupe performs masterfully both on vocals and fiddle (he's a fifth-generation fiddler!) The video is equally charming, the proverbial icing on the cake (pun intended) that will move even the jaded to tear up a bit. The song is from Shupe's upcoming new album, We Rode On, which is expected to hit the streets this summer. For those country music fans out there, you may remember Ryan Shupe from a decade ago when he released his Dream Big album (Capitol Nashville), which hit #13 on Billboard's Country Album chart. Now an independent artist, Shupe is making his way into a more rock-pop sound while still having traces of his country and bluegrass roots. Definitely worth checking out!

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