Skip Your Wedding and Go On a Weddingcation: Greece

Part One: Athens, Mykonos and Santorini

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Greek hospitality lived on in Santorini, as we were greeted with honeymoon Prosecco in our room at the stunning Athermi Suites. Maria and Kosmas know how to treat a lady (and her husband). We were given the Honeymoon Suite.


We inhaled up Maria Kyriakou’s famous and mouth-watering lamb, cheese, eggplant, tomato and potato moussaka while watching the sun set. She must have baked it for four months. The cheese was so gooey, the lamb so fresh, the potatoes so subtle and the eggplant was so, um, Greek. Greece has the best eggplant on the planet. How do they do that? What’s their secret? No, really. I’m asking. You tell me and we’ll both know.

The next day, we enjoyed some much-needed strong and aromatic coffee and homemade Greek pastries. That view never got old!


ATV rental number two was one of the highlights of the day, and a method of transportation.


We found ourselves in the hilltop town of Pyrgos where we saw signs for Rosemary Restaurant. We parked our ATV and hiked up the winding streets. The lunch was exquisite, starting with a parmesan, fig and arugula salad.


We also had delicioiusly savory eggplant rosemary balls with tzatziki dipping sauce.


The view looked almost as good as the food tasted.


On our last day in Santorini, we headed out for an excursion with Barca Sailing to the local volcano. Captain Yiannis doesn’t just know how to steer a ship: he’s a chef! His all you can eat linguini was seasoned with butter, garlic, olive oil, marinara sauce and heaven. His prawns were grilled to a juicy finish and his rice was addictive. He even had warm bread for us. Must have been warmed by the sun.


We were so full we almost fell overboard. After enjoying another wine-filled sunset and exploring the city of Thira that night, our time in Santorini came to a sad end.

But lucky for us, we were off to Italy, where the food was just going to get better and better! Stay tuned for part two of our trip tomorrow.

Vicky Kuperman is a stand-up comedian and author living in New York City. Her comedic dating book, The Russian Drop, is available on Amazon. Her album When I Could Feel is on iTunes. Her travel and food Instagram @coffeewineview is updated daily.

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