The Heavy: Live at the Paste Studio

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It was real pleasure to have The Heavy come by the Paste Studio to play a few songs off of their newest album Hurt & the Merciless. The Heavy are serious indie rock vets who play their vintage sound very close to the chest. With innumerable American and European tours under their belt, we all know that they kill it live, and most importantly, they’ve managed to keep their sound really relevant on the back of good songwriting. The band has actually been at it since 2007, best known for their 2009 breakout single “How You Like Me Now?” not to mention the 2012 song “What Makes A Good Man?” which, at this point, are both classics that you’ve no doubt heard everywhere.

You can’t help but sing along as lead singer Kevin Swaby wails “You’ve been gone so long” on Hurt & the Merciless’ lead single “Since You Been Gone.” The most recent of their singles “What Happened To The Love?” with it’s driving personality, asks some tough questions of a lover. They played both songs during their visit, along with a rendition of “Nobody’s Hero,” a song about questioning your ability to make sacrifices for a person. What The Heavy do so well is ensure that their songs each have a solid anthemic quality. No matter what they sounds like, they’re cutting to the core of the matter, and that always makes their songs relatable. It only helps that, in a live setting, these songs really get you in the mood to dance.

Move your body, and enjoy the session!