Video Premiere: The making of Bearstronaut's Telecoast

Music Video Bearstronaut
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Dance-pop outfit Bearstronaut's intoxicating beats and infectious hooks instantly summon images of wild, bonfire-lit Miami beach parties, of sweating blissfully while packed onto the dance floor of some underground Barcelona club at 5 a.m., or maybe making out with a foxy stranger behind a seedy Hollywood dive bar on a hot summer night.

Their new album Telecoast sails blissfully from indie-disco bangers a la MGMT or The Weeknd to sultry, pop-savvy crooning. And it does such a mind-blowing job of channeling the ‘80s-movie-soundtrack zeitgeist that you’ll spend your first few listens wondering what songs Bearstronaut is aping, until you finally give up and realize they’re just that goodat loading these vintage sounds into a flux-capacitor-powered Dolorean and blasting them across time straight into the now.
Telecoast was recorded over the span of two years at locations from the band's hometown of Boston to NYC's Converse Rubber Tracks studio to the beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Guitar Center and GoPro teamed up to document Bearstronaut’s New York sessions for the record with this behind-the scenes video, which premieres today at Paste, and features clips of unreleased songs, interviews with the band members, and more.

“We're not afraid to get sleazy or cheesy in a Steve Winwood, Barry Manilow kind of way,” quips guitarist/synth player Paul Lamontagne. “That said, we really got into a Roxy Music / Bowie / Bobby Womack frame of mind with these songs.”

Telecoast,” adds frontman Dave Martineau, "is an album that says what we've been trying to say as a band for a long time.”

Pre-order the the new record at iTunes, and check out Bearstronaut's recent single "Holding Out" here.

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