Fame Overnight ( Interview With First Latin Artist On Paste Magazine ) Emmex Ecstasy Plus

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Fame Overnight ( Interview With First Latin Artist On Paste Magazine ) Emmex Ecstasy Plus

Paste: Hello Everybody today we are here with our new contributor and singer in our magazine, Emmex Ecstasy Plus!!

Hello it's a pleasure to be here with you guys as a contributor and singer on this amazing magazine..

Thanks to you for being our 1st Latin Artist on this page!!

Your welcome I'm really excited for this opportunity..

Yes amazing, but let's start with the questions tell me how does it feel to grow in the music industry from 0 to 100 like everybody says?

Well to be honest, I was not expecting this! Like I still feel this a dream! But fortunately it's not and I'm glad this is all real, but I'm just starting and I still have a lot to go, but I'm thankful for everything..

That's good to hear! I'm amazed how humble you are and the great talent you have, so tell me how did you start on the music industry and how old were you?

Thanks! I started just first like It was just for fun like a game, I was just 11 years old with no experience and a lot of ideas in my mind but scare to take the first step..

Wow!! Really young huh? but tell me how did that go?

Emmex: Not exactly as I planned because I was just a rookie, I didn't know if I wanted to be a Hip-hop Artist or a Reggaeton Artist, so it was just like a kind of mix of both genders, plus I did not have the support of my parents just from my uncle and my self that's it!

Paste: Yes I really understand that situation! It's really hard to do something with out your parents at that age. Then what did you do to still keep going with the music?

Emmex: I just did it! how? I don't really know but my uncle gave me the tools and I put the effort! Then I started producing my self...

Paste: Great! So you are a producer too?

Emmex: Yes, but I just produce my self..

Paste: That's understandable, I see a great future in you! can you give an advice for all the artist out there that are just starting like you?

Emmex: Sure! All I want to say is to keep going! Never Stop! There always will be haters out there, but that's the part of the history with out them you will never make it!!

Paste: Great Answer! I always say that the haters does more then your own fans! Now let's talk about opportunity's! what are the best offers that you have at the moment?

Emmex: Well to start off I'm here because of my promoter Gabriel Montana he's the one that gave the opportunity to show my talent and my passion for music, we are just starting this new journey he want's to help me like his others artist that are now on the top level..

Paste: Yes is always good to help the new artist with great talent and passion like you have, he's a Great guy! he needs to bring more guys  like you. So I heard you are going to be on TV this fall, can you tell us when and where?

Emmex: Correct! it's true but we still don't have an exact day or month, we just first gotta work out some things with the record label Maybach Music to meet and talk to see if we have an opportunity with them and then later on we will present on TV with Mun2 and Tr3s and off curse it has to be before this year ends..

Paste: Amazing!! I'm excited for you, what about Premios Billboard I hear you may be present next year?

Emmex: Yes we hope that we can make it there next year! but off curse first things first we gotta prepare for that big step and make sure we give the public the music that they deserve..

Paste: I know you will! We will be ready to see you there!! Hey Emmex it was a amazing experience to have you here with us, we want to wish you the best of luck and hope you can come back with great news next year, this your page your space and we want to congratulate you for you first BIG STEP in the industry we want more contributors like you in this magazine and off curse stay humble! Is there any new song that you want to share with us?

Emmex: I'm glad too! It was a great experience for me too! Thanks for giving me an space here and yes why not! This my recently music video that I have at the moment and for sure we will try to make better songs and new amazing quality for the public!

Paste:Thanks for sharing today with us again Emmex! People that follow us don't forget to come back here every day we will have amazing artist like Emmex and great story's to share.
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Thanks again and stay tune!!