Here's Video of Sen. Barbara Boxer "Fearing For Her Safety" at Nevada State Convention

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On Wednesday, California Sen. Barbara Boxer appeared on CNN to discuss her appearance at the controversial Nevada state convention, where angry Bernie Sanders supporters took umbrage with officials over perceived procedural corruption.

“I feared for my safety,” said Boxer, a Clinton supporter. “It was a scary situation. It was frightening. I was on the stage. People were six feet away from me. If I didn’t have a lot of security, I don’t know what would have happened.”

The video above captures Boxer in the moments after she spoke to the gathering, blowing kisses as she leaves the floor to mock Sanders supporters. Earlier, she spent three minutes essentially trolling Sanders supporters at the lectern, and you can watch video of that here.

Can you sense the fear? Just more evidence that Sanders supporters are mad dogs who must be put down.