Jack White Channels Old-School Jukebox Rock in Maya and Marty Theme Song

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No, Paste faithful, your eyes do not deceive you. Jack White did, in fact, write the new theme song for upcoming NBC comedy Maya and Marty. As in, Jack White from The White Stripes Jack White. This Jack White.

As theme songs go, it’s actually kinda nice. Performed by White along with an all-star lineup cherrypicked from his label Third Man Records, the tune has a slick, bluesy retro rock feel. It’s the kind of rockin’ jam you might hear on the set of Happy Days, or in your local Waffle House when they finally get the cashier to stop blasting the one Insane Clown Posse song that found its way into the diner jukebox.

Maya and Marty is a live television variety show set to feature comedy sketches, musical numbers and celebrity guests hosted by SNL alumni Maya Rudolph and Martin Short. We have no idea what inspired Jack White to write the theme song, but the show premieres tonight on NBC at 10 PM ET if you want to try and find out for yourself.

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