The Best Stand-up Videos From the Paste Studio

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The Best Stand-up Videos From the Paste Studio

Six months ago we started hosting a monthly comedy night at our studio in New York City. Some of the best comics in America have graced our vault in that time, and we’ve been honored and excited to host every one of them. Let’s look back at the last six months of comedy with some of the best sets we’ve had the privilege to publish. In no particular order, here are six of our favorites. Stay tuned for a new, original stand-up video every Wednesday, and if you’re in the New York area and want to attend a taping, email us at

1. Julio Torres

Julio Torres blew our comedy editor away at Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival last year, so when we started these comedy nights he was immediately at the top of our wish list. He didn’t disappoint when he stopped by last month, as you can see in the clip below.

2. Lynn Bixenspan

We love Lynn Bixenspan on Twitter: she placed thirteenth on our list of the best Twitter accounts of 2015. We loved her even more in person when she stopped by the Paste Studio late last year. Here’s her great set from December, where she talks about feminism, Kickstarter and our massive collection of Limp Bizkit reel-to-reel tapes.

3. Gary Anderson

San Francisco’s Gary Anderson played our very first comedy night last November, and is still one of the best guests to grace our weird little audio tape-filled studio. This was actually the very first stand-up video we posted, and we couldn’t have asked for a better kick-off to this series.

4. Shane Torres

Shane Torres stopped by just a few days after performing on Conan to tell some dog jokes, complain about the sobriety of friends, and examine the unnecessary harshness of something we all know too well: internet clickbait. Most crucially, he voices a strong defense of Guy Fieri, a guy who needs all the support he can get.

5. Clark Jones

Clark Jones might live in New York now, where he’s one of three comics who followed Hannibal Buress as hosts of the weekly Comedy at the Knitting Factory night, but he’ll always be a proud son of Chicago. He still writes a weekly column for the Red Eye paper in Chicago and regularly tweets about his home town. His set from last December is one of our favorites.

6. Eli Yudin

Eli Yudin has graciously served as the MC for our most of our comedy nights, and has written a couple of pieces for Paste’s comedy section, including this exhaustive guide to the current New York comedy scene. He’s also a hilarious comic, of course, as he proves in this set recorded back in December.

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