The Coathangers: Live At The Paste Studio

Music Video The Coathangers
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The Coathangers are a garage punk band out of Atlanta, Georgia. In a manner reminiscent of punk legends The Ramones, all of the band member’s stage names end in Coathanger (i.e. Minnie Coathanger, Crook Kid Coathanger and Rusty Coathanger). With a penchant for double entendre and gross-out humor, The Coathangers thrive on their playfulness in their lyrics and song titles. The Coathangers’ 2014 album Suck My Shirt caused them to break through the punk underground and secured them the supporting slot on several dates with The Black Lips.

The Coathangers have a raw and aggressive sound that is present on the previously mentioned Suck My Shirt, as well as their most recent release, Nosebleed Weekend. Both of these albums were released on indie mainstay label Suicide Squeeze Records. Their crazy antics and overt lyrics are in full force on this recording. The Coathangers seem to revel in just how intense and obscene they can get in their songs, and this session is no exception. Check it out right here.