Let Your Mind Run Away with TTNG's New Song, "A Chase of Sorts"

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Oxford, U.K. indie trio TTNG (formerly This Town Needs Guns) have carved out an intriguing space for themselves in the current indie-rock landscape. Equal parts Minus the Bear and American Football, they mix cascading melodies, intricate rhythms and distant musings on the minutiae of common life with mind-bending ease. It’s a formula they don’t stray from too often, but always manage to inject new life into, with mesmerizing results.

Given the breezy, sometimes even frantic nature of this type of emotionally charged math-rock, TTNG’s newest song might cause some head-scratching amongst their elder fans. While “A Chase of Sorts” still feels like TTNG through and through, there’s an aura of tranquility that persists even as the instruments rocket by at warp speed. If the rest of their forthcoming LP Disappointment Island sounds anything like this, we’re in good hands—hands that can play like you wouldn’t believe.

TTNG’s third album, Disappointment Island, releases on July 8 via Sargent House. Pre-order the record here and listen to “A Chase of Sorts” below.

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