Band of Skulls: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Band of Skulls
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UK rockers Band of Skulls have always managed to strike a vein within the latest insurgence of blues-driven indie rock. Since the band’s debut in 2009, they have consistently brought a similar bluesy spit and swagger to each of their albums, and the band recently stopped into the Paste Studio to show what else the band has picked up from their years in music with the release of their latest album By Default.

By Default is palpably different from Band of Skulls’ prior releases. Perhaps it is in the urgency and grit of tracks such as “Bodies” that recaptures the energy of their first effort. As a whole, By Default is a return to form of sorts for the band. While not reinventing the wheel, Band of Skulls knows their strengths and plays to them accordingly. Reminiscent of recent bands such as The Kills and harkening back to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Band of Skulls make blues-infused rock music with a modern edge that still reigns strong for them. Check out their session here.

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