Checklist: Crete, Greece

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Checklist: Crete, Greece

It’s the largest island in Greece. It’s the center of the earliest recorded civilization in Europe. The Venetians, the Ottomans, and others, all of whom left their architectural marks from mosques to castles to fortresses, have occupied it. Paul preached his gospel here, while El Greco painted a church or two before heading off to find fame and fortune in Spain. It’s home to the longest gorge in Europe, full of indigenous wildflowers and shy feral goats. 

For obvious reasons, Crete is a gorgeous place to spend the weekend, or the week, or the month, to relax and drink wine, or roam from ruin to adventure and back. However long your trip, make sure you fit in these highlights.

Jessica Allen writes about food, culture, travel, and New York City, where she lives.