Empty Houses: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Empty Houses
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Hailing from Detroit, it makes sense that Empty Houses would invariably be influenced by Berry Gordy’s Motown sound. The trio—made up of Adam Mercer, David Mackinder and Ali Shea—writes big soulful ballads that sound both old and new at the same time.

Mercer and Mackinder formerly played together in now defunct pop-punk outfit Fireworks. They connected with Shea, who honed her musical skills singing in musicals in high school, after seeing a YouTube cover she did and realizing discovering that she has serious vocal chops.

In the beginning of 2015, the band self-released an eponymous five-song EP composed of R&B influenced tunes brimming with emotion evoked through Shea’s powerhouse vocals. Now, they’re gearing up to release their full-length album Daydream, out this Friday.

Check out their session here.