Foy Vance: Live at the Paste Studio

Music Video Foy Vance
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North Irish folk musician Foy Vance is a wordsmith with strong songwriting abilities. His latest album, The Wild Swan, is his third studio LP and was released in May 2016. With support dates for the great Elton John lined up throughout June, Vance shows no signs of slowing down. His brilliantly penned songs are laced with intense elements, and he clearly knows that there is more to a good song than a catchy hook. With his immense stage persona and powerful lyrics, we knew he would be a great choice for a session at our studios in our Manhattan office.

Although Foy Vance became famous by supporting folk-pop superstar Ed Sheeran, the artist’s style is far more intrinsic and deep-rooted than Sheeran’s. Vance remains good friends with Mr. Sheeran and is currently signed to his label, Gingerbread Man Records.

Vance’s gallant vocals give his music a beautiful veneer that, when coupled with his instrumentals, gives off a vivid luster. His charm is truly magnificent, able to work its spell on just about everyone. Play through Foy Vance’s full Paste Studio session right here.