Fruit Bats: Live At The Paste Studios

Music Video The Fruit Bats
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A lot of groups go on hiatus from time to time. Some never get back together, while others have reunion tours and go on to record more albums. Thankfully, Fruit Bats are one of the latter. Part of the prosperous ‘00s folk renaissance, Fruit Bats revolves around primary member Eric D. Johnson. (Also known as EDJ.) An instructor at the storied Chicago institution The Old Town School of Folk Music, Eric signed with Seattle indie giant Sub Pop in 2002. Although Eric D. Johnson announced the act’s termination in 2013, in May 2015 he decided to reform the group. Fruit Bats’s newest album, entitled Absolute Loser, was released on May 13, 2016. With a barrage of great indie folk songs, we knew that Fruit Bats would be perfect for one of our sessions.

Fruit Bats have an eerie, otherworldly sound to their music. Eric D. Johnson’s biggest influences stem from listening to AM radio in the 1970s and jam band The Grateful Dead. He has also named acts such as The Byrds and Supertramp as inspirations for his music. Watch their session right here.