Seratones' AJ Haynes to Release Songs For and Star In Punk-Rock Thriller Electric Bleau

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AJ Haynes, frontwoman of Louisiana soul-rock quartet (and recent Best of What’s Next selection) Seratones, has been cast as the lead in the forthcoming punk-rock thriller film Electric Bleau. The powerful Southern singer, on top of starring in the movie, also wrote and recorded five original songs earlier this year to be featured in the film, the first of which, titled “Daggers”, will be released on Spotify on June 30. An accompanying music video has also been shot, to premiere on Vevo the same day. (Update: The song and video are now available here and here.)

Electric Bleau is the work of Four x Productions, a Southern indie film production company, and will be its first feature film. Great lengths have been taken to maximize the diversity of both the cast and crew, which will be nearly all female. Haynes will star as Bleau Benoit, the protagonist of the movie, as well as the lead singer of the fictional ‘80s punk band whose namesake the title bears.

“In 1980’s New Orleans, a Creole punk rocker must destroy a cursed family heirloom before it forces her to repeat the same deadly and heartbreaking cycle as her ancestors,” reads the film’s brief but intriguing logline. The plot is only half of what should entice fans to watch the film, however, as Haynes’ signature brand of soul-infused Southern rock is one of Electric Bleau’s major selling points and, indeed, drives its entire storyline.

Paste had the honor of hosting Seratones in our N.Y. studio for an intimate acoustic session late last year, where Haynes, a schoolteacher-turned-singer, captivated the room with her resonant, inviting vocals. It’ll be exciting to watch her talent translate to the big screen and even more exciting to watch the Louisiana native flex her acting chops for the first time. Watch Seratones’ Paste studio session in full below and be sure to check out the crowdfunding campaign video for Electric Bleau beneath that.

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