Sons of an Illustrious Father Challenge Social Constructs in New Video

Music Video Sons of an Illustrious Father
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Musicians have long been active agents of social change. Most recently, some singers have taken a stance against anti-LGBT legislation. Bruce Springsteencancelled his Greensboro performance after North Carolina passed HB2, a law which bans cities from instituting LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances, and Bryan Adams refused to perform in Biloxi after Mississippi passed a religious freedom law that allows businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples. Other artists, such as Animal Collective, have turned their shows into anti-discrimination demonstrations.

Of course, bands have also used music itself to break down social barriers. In folk-rock band Sons of an Illustrious Father’s latest video,”The Opposite of Love,” the group challenges the gender binary in a sultry and bluesy tune. The video is filmed in a single shot using mirrors and features the band’s drummer Ezra Miller along with musician and poet Saul Williams. Singer Lilah Larson’s organic voice howls to proclaim that there is no opposite of love, and she joins the dance at the conclusion of the video.

Watch “The Opposite of Love” above and check out the band’s performance in the Paste Studio below.